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        Chongqing City Management CollegeFee Standard for Overseas Students



        Fee details

        Tuition fee


        Within a semester, 1300 RMB/ month;

        one semester: 6300 RMB;

        one year:12000 RMB

        Liberal arts


        Science and Engineering


        Medical, art, and sports


        Accommodation fee

        All majors

        Double room:250RMB/person/month

        Single room:400RMB/month,

        Four-people sharing room (Quadruple Room): 1200yuan / person /year

        Insurance premium

        All majors

        450RMB/Half a year800RMB/year.

        Medical examination fee

        All majors

        400RMB/person at the real charge

        Visa fee

        All majors

        400RMB/person at the real charge


        All majors

        Meals, bedding, medical expenses, textbooks and other experiments, internships, professional visit, the dormitory water and electrical fees and other fees to be charged at  the actual cost


        Rules for payment

        1.Tuition fee should be paid in full at yearly registration. Under exceptional circumstance students need to submit a paper to International Cooperation and Exchange Center to apply for payment extension which allows two months more at most and these students then should pay extra 5% of tuition fee as the delay fee.

        2. If students drop out of current school or transfer to another one, the charged fees will not be returned.

        3. Accommodation fee needs to be paid at the beginning of every year and a deposit of 200rmb/person will be charged for a new dweller, which can be returned at last at the premium of all facilities kept well. If there is any difficulty, students can also choose to pay accommodation fee term.