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        CCMC Teachers Have Completed the Task of Singapore Research Project for Professional Coursein Chongqing City in 2018


        CCMC Teachers Have Completed the Task of Singapore Research Project for Professional Coursein Chongqing City in 2018

        On Jan. 13, 12 teachers who participated in the Singapore Research Project for Professional Coursein Higher Vocational Colleges of Chongqing Education Committee in 2018 successfully completed research tasks and returned to Chongqing smoothly.The International Cooperation and Exchange Center of our collage, entrusted by Chongqing Education Commission, actively cooperated with the superior authorities in organizing the selection, interview and dispatch of project personnel in the early stage of the project, which was responsible for all the work arrangements of the whole research projectand successfully completed the dispatch of 30 teachers.

        The task of this study was undertaken by the National Institute of Education of Nanyang University of Technology (NTU), Singapore. The Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and the National Institute of Education jointly formulated the study plan.

        During the study period, the teachers visited Singapore New Leap University of Social Sciences and Temasek Polytechnic College to discuss professional development, project cooperation, student exchange, overseas intellectual attraction and other issues, so as to promote cooperation.

        Active and in-depth exchanges and discussions were conducted with the presiding experts and professors, renewing the educational and teaching concepts, broadening the vision of professional construction, improving the level of professional education and teaching, and achieving fruitful research results.

        By organizing teachers to study in Singapore, we can further improve the teaching and education ability, English ability and technical skills of our professional teachers, accelerate the opening up process of Higher Vocational education, and better serve the economic and social development of Chongqing.