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        Summary and Sharing Meeting ofStudents Going Abroad in 2018


        Summary and Sharing Meeting ofStudents Going Abroad in 2018

        On Dec. 27, the Summary and Sharing Meeting for 2018 students going abroad was held in Conference Room 1 of theAdministration Building. The staff of International Cooperation and Exchange Center, relevant teachers and student representatives from secondary schools participated in the meeting.

        In 2018, CCMC  sent 76 students to the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh and other countries to carry out short-term exchanges, internships, cultural skills exhibitions, voluntary services, credit recognition, academic promotion and other projects. The number of students going abroad increased significantly compared with last year. These projects have played a good role in international publicity and expanded the international influence of  CCMC.

        Experiencing abroad has made the students experience different economic environment, social cultures, customs and habits abroad, unique educational ideas and teaching methods of universities in various countries, it also broadens international horizons, improves cross-cultural communication ability, and becomes a new starting point in their lifetime.