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        CCMC Carried Out the Mental Health Census for International Students


        CCMC Carried Out the Mental Health Census for International Students

        In order to fully understand the mental health status of international students and scientifically and effectively implement the mental health education , on April 9, the International Cooperation and Exchange Center launched the mental health census for international students. A team of full-time and part-time teachers, foreign student counselors, Thai interpretor and 63 international students participated in the activity

         This psychological test adopted the way of mental health self-assessment questionnaire, online and offline respectively, to test the Thai, African and Korean students. The filing rate reached 100%, and successfully completed the mental health census.

        Subsequently, the mental health teacher team of the College of Health and Aged Services will make statistical analysis of the test data, which would lay a foundation for further promoting the mental health education and counseling of overseas students in CCMC.